Nothing of interest has happened since the last post. I've been doing a lot of reading since then and played a little bit of Zoo Tycoon today since the CD has been gathering some dust. It's gotten warm enough inside the apartment now in the afternoons that I'm using a fan to cool things off a bit Of course like every year I seem to forget to direct the air away from my ears. An ear ache being the result of that. I'm not exactly looking forward to getting the 2nd filling done tomorrow morning but what needs to be done needs to be done I suppose. :o/
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will make you discuss zt with me then :o)

Is there a more irritating feature than not being able to save the terrains for animals?
Do you know that Ctrl+G bring up the grid?
Do you know that while foliage points count per square, additional foliage in the same square all counts towards animal happiness?
Can you get more than 1001 guests, if so how?
Which cheat do you most often use?

That'll do for my interogation to start with :o)

Re: zt
What's irritating is when you get trampled terrain beneath an animal shelter and you don't realize it until much later.

My favorite cheat would problably be the money cheat (shift-4.) My reasoning is I'm more interesting in building zoos not maintaining them. Having to worry about money just takes away from the fun.

The most number of guest that I can recall having was 981. There's probably a set limit for the total number of people (visitors + park employees) in the game just like Rollercoaster Tycoon has -- which is around 4150 people I think. I have that limit too many times to count.
Re: zt
Hum, I am also a building person, almost the first thing I did was edit the zoo.ini so you can start with $5million... then shift&4 becomes redundant unless you have a vastly unprofitable zoo :o) Which I quite often do... My brother plays fair, and his last zt challenge was to NOT cheat and do a big grass map, with a starter of $20k. Those first few months were perilous and it makes it a loads slower game.....but i still did it :o) Actually upped the prices of vending machines, it felt really mean :o)
Have you downloaded any of the additional features or animals? :o)

please can you try going over 1001 for me? Neither me nor my evil older sibling can get it any higher and its doing our heads in? :o) pls?

We've started to send each other new scenarios... it gets kinda funny cos we really are both evil and some of them are really tough... so if you ever fancy one lemme know , small zoo file is only 500k and I will happily mail you one :o)
hope all goes well and that your ear is OK

probably my fault anyway for putting finger in it u_u