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numbing goodness

Just got back about a half-hour ago. The getting the filling done went pretty well. My dentist finally recognized that a big guy like me needs more anesthetic than the average Joe so he gave me three shots instead of the usual two. Yay for numbness!

Walked down the block to the library and checked out two books: Terry Brooks' "The Voyage of Jerle Shannara: Antrax" and Mercedes Lackey's "Take a Thief." I bought two books as well: Lawrence Watt-Evans' "The Lure of the Basilisk" and... don't laugh now ...RuPaul's "Lettin' It All Hang Out."

I walked home from there. A road crew was still working on the section of street on Barstow Road just before Mountain View. I don't know if it was the sun baking my head but all of the guys there were definitely yummy. I'm talking muscled but not overly so with strong square chins and everything. Maybe it was the sun.

Coming down from Mountain View on Muriel I saw for the first time an electric lawn mower in use. It looked sleek and noise from it was minimal. Very neat.

Got inside the apartment and checked the answering machine, found one message and played it. It was the sound of a phone ringing which it went on for minutes. Weird. I headed off to the bathroom to put the toothpaste away, which I forgot to do this morning, and looked into the mirror and nearly smacked my forehead with my hand. The left half of my lips were stained brown with dried blood not to mention the front 2 teeth as well. I'd been walking around like that since the dentist office without knowing it. Hmm, I feel a "doh" coming on...

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