time for another IIWD

If I were dictator I would bar smokers from checking out library books, period. Anyone who checks out books with any frequency knows what I'm talking about. You're going through the shelves looking for a specific book and when you pull it off the shelf you can already smell the smoke from the previous lendee. You open the book itself and it's like having an ashtray put right under your nose. No more of that if I were in charge! The punishment would be 3 years, not imprisionment, but rather being forced to eat nothing but cigarrette butts for lunch and dinner. It's just nasty.
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Guess you have a point there. Never really thought about it. Just wish I could give up this nasty habit. But as long as Ted smokes then its kinda hard for me to stop. Everyone at my place has to go outside for a smoke. It's amazing how many of us smokers don't like the smoke smell in our homes...rofl

I think cause I work in a library I can't tell the difference... They all smell the same, except for the mildew-esque books from the 1800's that are tore up from the floor up... Lordy those stink...
Heeeey, that's a goood song, with Tami Whynette (sp) !

"(sp)" is my friend... I have to spell big words all day then when I get home I can't spell for crap... Ahhhh!