music goodness

First off, for those who are interested I updated BBP yesterday.

I spent the last two days mostly downloading music in the background while I was reading, playing Zoo Tycoon or building a new Quake2 level. Amazingly, my Net connection never got dropped once while I was downloading. Ooh, and some kind soul had collected all of Piers Anthony's Xanth books that have been scanned in, zipped them and made it available for (me to) download. me=happy!

Here's the most recent music downloads...

Bismarkie - Just A Friend.mp3
Dolly Parton - Peace Train [dance remix].mp3
Filter - Dose.mp3
Holly Valance - Kiss Kiss.mp3
Kim Wilde - You Keep Me Hanging On.mp3
KLF - 3 AM Eternal [Extended Mix].mp3
Kylie Minogue - Where Is The Feeling [BIR Dolphin Mix].mp3
Lightning Seeds - Lucky You.mp3
Mercedes Lackey & Heather Alexander - Shadow Stalker.mp3
Pat Benatar - Le Bel Age.mp3
Pet Shop Boys - Absolutely Fabulous.mp3
Peter Paul and Mary - Blowing in the Wind.mp3
Peter Paul and Mary - Leaving on a Jet Plane.mp3
Peter Paul and Mary - Puff the Magic Dragon.mp3
Peter Paul and Mary - Where Have All The Flowers Gone.mp3
Rochelle - Mouth [QaF remix].mp3
Salt N Pepa - None Of Your Business.mp3
Soul II Soul - Back to life.mp3
The Mamas & The Papas - I Can See Clearly Now.mp3
The Pogues & Sinead O'Connor - Haunted.mp3
Whigfield - Sexy Eyes.mp3
Wilson Phillips - You're in Love.mp3
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Bentboy's is looking good with the new pics. Love the new studddds in speedos. Its that time of the year!!!

OK...now for the next question...did you download all that music from one particular site...or from different ones??
I used WinMX to download the songs. It's very Napster-like in interface and uses the same protocols.

Unlike Napster though you can share any kind of file type you want. Hence, me being about to download videos and text files as well as music.
Bismarkie - Just A Friend.mp3
Oh my ...

KLF - 3 AM Eternal [Extended Mix].mp3
Justified and Ancient with Tammy W. was an awesome song too!

Salt N Pepa - None Of Your Business.mp3
R U Ready?, Expression, You Showed Me, also good songs!

Soul II Soul - Back to life.mp3
Wow, I think I saw my tapes of them...heh

Wilson Phillips - You're in Love.mp3
Personally, I think I liked "You won't see me cry" better. =D
I was having such an early-90s flashback at the latter end of the downloading spree. I also ended up listening to Paula Abdul's "Vibeology", Jesus Jones' "Right here, right now" and EMF's "Unbelievable" as well as others like Sir Mix A Lot, KLF, Cathy Dennis, Martika, and Marky Mark. Ah, the memories. :o)