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a step closer to summer

Reverted to the pattern of being up at night and sleeping in the morning & early afternoon. Mind you, this is actually my natural sleeping habit. Sleeping during the night itself feels so unnatural to me and I function much better in the middle of the night. Anyway, I woke up about 4:30pm roasting in my bed. After a trip to the bathroom I checked the temperature inside the apartment and my eyes bugged out when seeing 87°. I called time & temperature and found it as 97° outside. Ugh. So, for the first time this year I turned on the swamp cooler. Ahhh, much niceness inside now.

Speaking of coolers, I had gotten a call from my uncle yesterday asking for my help. He decided just to buy a new cooler rather than try to fix the old (old old) one yet again. He had gotten help from two of his neighors to try to haul the cooler on the roof but they like he are on the agéd side of life. Anyway, he called me and a friend of the family for help which we did. Three of them climbed on the roof with ropes attached to the cooler. Myself and one other were on the ground ('cause I have a fear of heights of course.) The metal ladder was sloped as shallow as possible and part of the cardboard box the cooler came between the ladder and cooler. The cooler then was rested against the ladder. The two of us on the ground pushed the cooler up along the ladder while the three up top pulled. It was quite easy and quick. The ride over to the house took longer. I was wondering if we'd have to do the reverse for the old cooler still atop the house but that was just thrown off the roof. heh

Hmm, what else...? Tonight for dinner is home-made lasagna! Yummy! Oh, and welcome back mokie!!!!
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