before I bother downloading and installing, what makes it better than the normal livejournal client?
errr... are you being a cliquey community person? referring to people who i've never heard of, who i perhaps should have heard of, but haven't cause i don't bother with strangers' journals, and only read my friends', unlike hardcore live journallers?

so who is vision, and why should I dislike him? Please don't make me read his journal - it looked too long and virgo-like - I can't be arsed, my eyeballs are hurting...
I'll take your word for it then as i can't be arsed to look into it. so i hate him now too. Is he responsible for turning all of my pound signs into question marks?
didn't know there were regional language settings, i haven't found them anywhere... do you mean my language settings on my LJ client, or my computer's settings? (they are a bit weird - I keep having to set the launguage option in Word). There is a trend these last few years to have two different settings - English: US & English: European. That fucks me royally!

I think i'm getting all patriotic cause i'm tired and ratty. I'm going home now!
Color me clueless... What is "Semagic"??
From the links it's just another cliently thingie for LJ?
*looking down at feet* I was wandering through livejournal and found you, *looks up timidly* and was HAPPY to find you. I think you are interesting and would like to read more... so, I've added you to my friends list... ;)