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move something

So it was about 2am this morning and I got this urge to do something physical. Mind you I had tried to go to sleep at midnight but couldn't fall asleep. Anyhow I come up with the brilliant idea to move my room around which entails moving lots of crap piled on shelves. The thing about that is as I start to move objects like books, papers, and comics I get distracted by them and start reading which delays the entire project. All the moving should had taken an hour to do but ended up taking 3.5 instead. It's just a good thing there where no shiny things on the floor or I'd have never finished... *spys a bright new penny* Ooooh, shiny! *stares transfixed*

On another topic, yesterday afternoon a neighbor across the street had a very loud arguement with her (I think) boyfriend's ex. Every other word was "fuck" or "fucking" and dripping with attitude. Think of it as a Jerry Springer episode without the huge bouncers. I sat on my bed, smiled and just watched the drama unfold. Unfortunately no physical violence ensued. Aw well. ;o)
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