I'm wondering... what's a weed?

Exactly who gets to decide what is a weed or not? Every time I see a commercial for a weed killing spray the first category mentioned is usually dandelions. Why?? I happen to love them and can't figure out why anyone would want to kill them. Is defining weeds a subjunctive decision? I happen to dislike roses very (very, very) much, so, does that mean I can call them weeds? Hmm...
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Good to know I'm not the only one that despises ROSES! Now you got me thinking about "other weeds"! LOL

Sweet Dreams, SIR!

Don't get me wrong, I do think roses look pretty, so many various shades and types. I think it's the combination of the smell of them and them having thorns which turns me off.
***ROMY AND MICHELLE MOMENT..."Me, Too!"*** LOL I love the colours but am not fond of the way they smell. I'll take a dozen of Krispy Kremes over a dozen of roses anyday! Hee Hee

Ya better have an awesome weekend!

The techinical definition of a weed is a plant that's growing where it's not wanted.

So, you'd be perfectly justified in calling a rosebush in your own garden a weed, while deliberately planting dandelions (which are clones, incidentally).
Thats cool ,I like dandelions, my fav dandelion fact until now is that the are called "pissenlit" in french, ( piss in the bed) but now I am gonna have a whole pollination anecdote to go with that :o) which is cool.... or possibly is another reason not to enter into conversation with me :o)


Piss-the-bed amongst Scottish children, too; from the erroneous belief that getting the sap on your hands would lead to just that.
Also dislike roses, I made an exception for a minature rose my mum gave me, but freudianlly its almost died twice...

She comes round and criticises my garden all the time ( i love my garden very much and can happily talk about plants for hours , sadly enuf) and cos the dandelions are flowering at the moment, I cant bring myself to pull em up ( bad cos there will be many many more later...), theres also a plant called herb robert, little pink flowers and fab leaves, and I even stopped some of that sticky bud plant getting pulled up cos I reckon its kinda interesting....
And the bonus of putting out seeds for the birds is that I have sunflowers growing like weeds in my path, tis gonna make getting to the bench interesting, but hey, things can be pretty and unintentional.... the buddlea that self seeded in one of my wall pots makes the most amazing purpley shower over my yard and butterflies come for miles to see it, and I can sit and watch em , in the sun... so weeds are very good :o)
Well I guess sending you that dozen of red roses for Mother's Day is out of the question!!!
Re: Bummer
Mothers Day??? Do I look like a Mother to you? Ok, I may act like a #$%* mother sometimes but still... ;o)
Dandelions are also supposed to be a tasty and healthy addition to any salad. Erm, providing they're grown in a proper garden rather than plucked off the street or something, of course.