I'm wondering... what's a weed?

Exactly who gets to decide what is a weed or not? Every time I see a commercial for a weed killing spray the first category mentioned is usually dandelions. Why?? I happen to love them and can't figure out why anyone would want to kill them. Is defining weeds a subjunctive decision? I happen to dislike roses very (very, very) much, so, does that mean I can call them weeds? Hmm...
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Good to know I'm not the only one that despises ROSES! Now you got me thinking about "other weeds"! LOL

Sweet Dreams, SIR!

Don't get me wrong, I do think roses look pretty, so many various shades and types. I think it's the combination of the smell of them and them having thorns which turns me off.
***ROMY AND MICHELLE MOMENT..."Me, Too!"*** LOL I love the colours but am not fond of the way they smell. I'll take a dozen of Krispy Kremes over a dozen of roses anyday! Hee Hee

Ya better have an awesome weekend!