to renew or not to renew... that is the question

I got a renewal notice last week about my paid LJ account. I really do want to renew, but, I'm hoping they get the S2 system online before I pony up so I can get a feel for it first. The real reason I've got a paid account is so that I can do my own styles but from what I've been reading (what little info is available about S2 anyway) I'm exactly the type of person who's going to have trouble with the new style system because of the complexity of the layers. I can renew with the hope that I can figure it all out, but I'm afraid I'll pay the dough and will not be able to do what I really want. *sigh* If only Brad would consider the image servers to be a high priority on the to-do list. That would pretty much guarantee my renewal. Decisions, decisions...
Hrm. Not only are they taking their time, apparently, bringing it online- they keep mentioning it and asking each other if they're working on it (and working on bits of it) in the various ljcommunities etc. as I recall- but I'm no longer so sure I know what S2 is. I think I had it confused with a secondary server, but that's what the term means in another context... (-> to-do research projects :) )
Thanks - good luck with your decision!
My yearly paid fee is up in June. Not sure if I'm going to be renewing mine or not. I originally paid for it so anyone could use the "send a text message via cell phone" thingy but cancelled that option on my cell phone about a month later.

Hope all is going OK in your neck of the woods...or in our case the desert.
I just let mine expire... hehe With me moving back to the Styx? (not the band, but "Hillbillyland") I'm not sure how active I'll be on here, though I'll generally be able to update at work..heheh...

I guess I'll just be bumped to a Free User for the time being...

Anyway have a good Hump Day!