Vinny da Geek (desertwolf) wrote,
Vinny da Geek

plumber time

Both the toilet and the shower have been running slow lately. Actually, the toilet backed up a few days ago but I plungered it free. Anyway, I got woken up this morning by the plumbers asking for a description of the problem and then said they'd be over a little bit later; they'd call first though. I jumped in the shower then got dressed... just in time for the receptionist calling to say the plumber was ready to come over. Eep! Good thing I was dressed. I did a quick cleaning of the bathroom then peeked out my window to see the plumber drive down the court. Right now he's snaking the clean-out behind the apartment. The problem is probably tree roots getting into the line. It seems every year someone eventually comes out and has to snake the line and clear some roots. Whatever, I just want it to work right.

Stray thought of the moment: why can't he look like a plumber from a porn movie? :oP
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