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on Sunday....

I've got new sheets for my bed! They're mostly white with blue vertical pinstriping. Two shades of blue actually. I wanted to put them right on but I think I'm supposed to wash them first. Phhbbt! Me want them on now! :oÞ

Did a spring cleaning of the skins I have for ICQ Plus and WinAmp. Some I had rarely used. Some I never used at all since I had downloaded them. Don't worry vampyrichamster, I'm keeping the WinAmp skin I made out of pictures of you. ;o)

It got warm today but not quite enough to turn on the cooler... until dinner was cooked. The temperature in the apartment jumped 5 degrees so the swamp cooler got turned on for a while until the temperature dropped 15 degrees. Ahhh, that felt nice.

I had gotten an ICQ message from Josh (Paradox/Armature at FC) tonight with a link to pictures of his new baby daughter Sarah, who was delivered on the 4th. So adorable! I wish him, Carolynn and Sarah the best!
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