not particularly tasty

I was munching on dinner (chicken-fried steaks, mashed potatoes, biscuits & gravy) and in the middle of one bite I realized I was munching on something else too: my moustache. LOL Ok, after dinner I go to trim the bugger and I figure "why the hell not?", so, I go ahead and shave the 'stache and beard down to five o'clock shadow. Once that's cut down I notice my hair is a bit long too and remembered I last got it cut at the end of January. So, if I remember to, I'll get a haircut tomorrow morning.
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I think moustache munchin is a euphamism aint it? ;o) for something, I er.... thought you may not be doin? ;o)
*gasps* You're not talking about down there? *shudders* I did that once and will never again. Besides the ingrown hairs, the stubble was killer! Owwie!
Just don't go to SuperCuts or you'll walk out with NO hair...heh...
LOL We don't have one of those in this town. We do have another chain store called Fantastic Sams. They do a decent job and are very friendly. I still haven't gotten mine cut though. Me being in a lazy-type mood lately. Bleh!