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so I'm easily amused

I was reading through the comments in a journal and in a reply someone referred to MTV as "EmpTy Vee". I don't know exactly why but I broke out laughing. Maybe I've finally gotten over feeling I had to like MTV because it was cool. Or rather it was cool when I was a teenager.

As I got older I realized it changed to fit the needs of the current teenage population and I know I didn't fit that market but I tried to try to understand newer music. For a while I could convince myself I liked at least some of the newer music -- though over time the percentage of videos I truly liked increasingly shrank. As you get older you know you're leaving behind the whole mind set of what cool is, as defined from a teenage perspective, and that's ok. It's supposed to happen. And yet part of you still wants to be, or try to be, one of the pack. I think perhaps I've finally let that part go. Or sure, every once in a while I'll switch to MTV just to look at the Rap Artiste Du Jour or the current Great White Hype (Eminem being the prime example now) but more often than not I simply don't watch videos at all anymore. Yeah, I know I haven't mentioned radio at all and that's because I haven't listened to radio in years. Literally. As bad as MTV can be I've found radio to be worse, mind you, I live in the desert and my choices are extremely limited. So please don't blather to me about the wonders of college radio. It's not available to me and as far as from what I've heard it's not all that great either.

Hmm, I think I've gotten off topic somewhere, assuming there was one to begin with and I'm too sure about that... in summary:

1) I can make fun of EmpTy Vee now without reservation. :o)
2) Most current music sucks and that's ok. It's supposed to as you get older. ;o)
3) Radio sucks worse than MTV. Yes, it does because I said so. :oP
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