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Thursday Threesome

Off topic... The Thursday Threesome for June 27. Courtesy of Sheryl Crow.

Onesome: Soak--Like a sponge, what class in school did you seem to absorb the easiest?
Hmm, a hard one. I'd probably say accounting simply because everything I read actually stuck in my head. That made the class enjoyable even if my teacher was a right-hand Nazi. By that I mean she forced all of us to use the calculators right-handed even if we were left-handed.

Twosome: Up--What things always bring you up when you are down?
Usually reading a good book to put me into another world and forget this one altogether. Sometimes a good dance song/mix with a hyper beat.

Threesome: The Sun--Enjoy the sun? What's your favorite outdoor activity?
*hiss* The light! It burns! It burns! Seriously though, no, I don't enjoy the sun at all. I like the night or during the day when it's overcast with dreary grey skies. Assuming it is sunny though I supposed I do like going on a nice walk, preferably with a friend. Times passes quickly that way. If it's super hot outside then some swimming is in order, either down my aunt's or cousin's house. Thank their little hearts.
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