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I had spent some time today downloading songs I had seen listed on VH1's "100 Greatest One Hit Wonders." I had downloaded:

EMF - "Unbelievable"
Gerardo - "Rico Suave"
M - "Pop Musik"
Musical Youth - "Pass The Dutchie"
Right Said Fred - "I'm Too Sexy"
Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby"

There's still a few more I want to download. I'm thinking of critiquing the list and might still do so, but not right now. I had also downloaded Khia's "My Neck, My Back", the uncensored version, thanks in part to gunthak listing it in his current music. I'd been meaning to download it but kept forgetting. Kinda like that haircut I need.... *ties string on finger to remind him*
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The song was so over the top and the video so campy yet I still love it. Of course, it didn't hurt that he and his brother had a bodies built like that. :oP

if you're downloading
I'm quite into
Tim Deluxe - It Just Won't Do
Sugababes - Freak Like Me OR Round Round Round

the Charts though were very fond of
Liberty X - Just a Little...
Holly Valance - Kiss Kiss

we don't have that neck song yet
but it seems to crop up quite a bit on LJ

*snuggly hugs*
I didn't care much for "It just won't do" and I thought "Freak like me" was ok but not as good as the original. "Just a little" I liked a lot so I'm keeping that one. "Kiss kiss" I had downloaded long ago when you suggested it and that one I play ever so often cause I think it's cute. :o)

BTW, after a long period I've come to like "Murder on the dancefloor" a lot. I probably just needed some time to let it grow on me. "Take me home" though I still don't like.

It Just Won't Do is just the Summeriest song I know at the moment..
the video for Just A Little is also cool - involves canes and dancing and leather ^_^

it is cute but Holly Valance looks like a duck o_o

Murder On The Dancefloor is good
(I like Take Me home just as much) but if you ever dance to it then you have to stamp during the chorus

You still haven't got a haircut? teehee...

Wasn't the uncensored version naaaasty? lol Ugh... I'm a perv though, so we were making fun of it at work yesterday. =D

Have a good Sat. Night!
That song is just naaaaaasty but also funny and I love it anyway. :oÞ

I'll have it cut sometime this week... if I remember. The memory is the first thing to go as you get old, ya know? Well, actually, boobs are the first to go but usually only women have to worry about that, and mine are still damn perky! LOL

Seriously, I had just realized today that the amount of growth I've gotten since I last got it cut over 6 months ago is the same amount I used to get after 3 months years ago. It ain't growing like it used to, but then at least I still have it so... *knocks on cheap laminated wood*
Love watching VH1's "100 Greatest" whatever. Gives me something to listen to while I'm on the computer. I try to record it so I can go back and write down some of the songs I've forgotten about and download them via Morpheus. My current project is downloading all the songs from "60's Gold", yes, as seen on TV. I'm doing it for Ted.

btw...got netmeeting hooked up to your new computer yet???