crap on TV

Yeah, there's the usual list of crap on TV like "Becker", "Ed", "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and "American Idol". I want to add another to my list: CNBC's "WSJ Editorial Board." I don't understand why it's on CNBC and not FoxNews. Bunch of right-wing elitist bastards. *ponders* I should add "bastardettes." I mustn't be discriminatory.
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Ed ain't so bad...neither is Whose Line Is It Anyway? Sometimes those two get awful tedious, but they're fun when you got nothing else to do.

Ooh. Well, yes that would be a waste of time wouldn't it? *gears and cranks and smoke from the ears*
Re: *cackle*
Feh, if you're gonna waste time wouldn't it be better to play a good game instead? Like that Super Bubble something or another? :o)
i think you just called Whose Line IS It Anyway crap! Don't do that, its great, in the country of Jolly england where it started they don't even show it anymore, and they aren't making any new ones, where the hell am I supposed to get my Proopsfix?


be grateful

we have endless repeats of Freinds and Simpsons episodes that are 10 years old.
oo ooo oooo I like Ryan Stiles? is that his name? the other one, the er..anti-Proop?
I'd rather have 10 year-old episodes of Simpsons and Friends than any WLIIA. It's not that I dislike the actors, but rather the entire show concept. Just a personal quirk of mine I suppose. *shrugs*
yeh but we have about six, ten year episodes of the simpsons, they show them on random repeat, and i want to kill the BBC.