from Twitter (earlier today)

  • Neighbor in #1 died. Told his sis wasn't feeling good yesterday. She called him but no response so sent police today. Cops still here.
  • Cops smelled some gas in #1 so gas guy is checking all our hookups. Coroner here. Funeral people from San Diego(?) are here for the body.
  • @mokie Feeling fine. Just wondering what the gas company guys are doing poking/thumping around apt #1 with these stick thingies.

from Twitter (catching up)

  • Anyone else notice Google Maps has been removing some street view coverage? My sis's whole subdivision is no longer available.
  • Apparently in addition to other physiological changes when perceiving danger my ears change shape. Enough that my in-ear headphones pop out.
  • Brandon Flowers performs "Bette Davis Eyes" live in Las Vegas. http://t.co/CSxrmAh